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The Worming worm composter, made from re-purposed, used plastic boxes (44x40x30) creates a sustainable cycle for the kitchen waste produced in urban homes, without the need for a garden or balcony.


Household garbage is reduced by 25%, supplying the home with nutritious compost for the soil we grow our food in, eliminating the need to always buy new soil. Old, used soil can be replenished by adding worm compost. 


The system is compact, easy to use and odourless, making it perfect for use inside the home, or basement, when an outdoor space is not available. Inside is often even ideal,providing a constantly regulated temperature for the worms.





Coming Soon: Urban worm box made from upcycled wine boxes.

New! The Wormcafé is made from 100% recycled plastic. The perfect addition to the household with larger composting needs. 

See picture below for scale.

Worm Cafe Lifestyle.jpg
Worm Cafe.jpg

The purchase of the Worming worm bin includes life-long counselling and support for your worms, which when treated according to the simple guidelines provided, are the easiest and cleanest pets to have in a home.


10 times faster and more efficient than a normal composter, this three tier stackable system allows continuous composting to take place and 

can serve as an educational tool, teaching children and adults about the importance of recycling, composting and nutrition, and the joys of a more sustainable lifestyle.


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