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Based in Basel, Switzerland, Worming was founded on the idea that Urban households should also have the possibility to turn their organic kitchen waste into rich, fertile compost. The resulting compost is ideal for use in feeding small urban vegetable gardens or other plants, but can also be given away,sold, or simply left under a tree. 

The benefits of worm composting are abundant. Not only can the urban household use the system to create its own free source of compost, but by engaging in  this sustainable  living practice, households can reduce their garbage production by as much as 25%, which in turn reduces the amount of CO2 sent into the atmosphere.


In keeping with the theme of  recycling and re-using valuable resources, Worming systems are made  out of 100%  re-purposed and re-used plastic containers. 

Why Worms?

The benefits of using the Worming worm composter...

Household waste production is reduced by 25%, sending less CO2 into the atmosphere when garbage is burnt.

Boxes are made from up cycled, used materials. No new production. We use what already exists. 


Urban gardens have a free source of nutritious compost.

Children learn about the benefits of composting and the impact this has on the climate and our environment.


The holes in the boxes are made by students of the Lehrbetrieb Beider Basel.


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